6v6 Season 1 Playoffs

If you managed to kick ass during our regular 8 week season, you’re pretty awesome. If you were on the receiving end of the ass kicking, uh… well, better luck next time, I guess?

Season 1 has concluded, and now we’re moving on to the playoff bracket. The top 4 teams from the regular season will now compete in a double elimination bracket. If you lose, you suck. If you win, you don’t suck. No matter what though, you’ll get a badge. The badge is going to be fairly unique, and will only be given out to those early few that decided to sign up and compete in TFCL before everyone else. So in a way, this is a hipster badge, and you are a hipster. Congrats on being a hipster, you Starbucks loving Mac user!

Er, too far?


You can view your schedules from the My Matches page, just like before. There’s also a new bracket for you guys to browse.

Map 1: cp_sunshine
Map 2: cp_snakewater
Map 3: koth_product


Oh right, and if you’re deemed the winner of this whole shindig, you’ll also be given $120. There is no prize for second place however, so if you come in second, you’re basically a loser in our eyes.

Ultiduo Season 2 – $300 Prize Pool [registration closed]

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, weird heart shaped candy things, gruesome beheadings, and forever alone memes.

Welcome to our second season of Ultiduo! This time, we’re penetrating the world of TF2 with a bigger and better prize pool, participation medals, a little TFTV casting, and perhaps even a surprise later down the line.

Prize Breakdown

First Place: $200
Second Place: $60
Third Place: $30
Fourth Place: $10

Total: $300

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The first two weeks will be played on ultiduo_baloo_v2. (download) 
The final two weeks will be played on  koth_ultiduo_r_b7. (download)
The playoffs will be played on a mix of the two regular season maps.

cfg & whitelist

You can download our main Ultiduo CFG here
You can also view our whitelist separately here – http://whitelist.tf/tfcl_ultiduo

Season Format & Schedule

This ultiduo season will consist of 4 regular season weeks, followed by a two day single elimination playoff event.
There will be a total of 8 regular season matches. Matches are to take place every Saturday at 6:30 and 8:00 PM Eastern, with the first match scheduled for March 25th.


You can view our Ultiduo rules here – http://tfcleague.com/rules/ultiduo/


Regular Season: https://www.twitch.tv/tfcleague
Playoff Event: https://www.twitch.tv/teamfortresstv

Join Up

To participate in Season 2, simply head on over to the Team Creation page, and create a new Ultiduo team. Once that’s done, and you’ve got two members on your team, set your team as Ready. (note: you must sign in before accessing the page)

PS. We know it’s no longer Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a little down and dirty Soldier on Medic fun, does it?

Welcome to TFCL’s 6v6 Season!

Welcome to the first ever 6v6 competitive season hosted by TFCL.

To get some things out of the way, here are the key details to make sure that this season goes smooth for everyone involved.

$120 Take All Prize

There is no prize for second place, only for being #1. The best team, determined via a short playoff bracket at the end of the regular 8 week season, will be awarded $120 via PayPal roughly two weeks after the end of the season. The team owner will receive the full amount, and is required to distribute the amount evenly to the rest of the team.

Match Deadline

The default match date is set to Saturday at 9:30 PM Eastern. Each team may choose to schedule for a new date by using our online scheduling system. Create a new request, and if it is accepted, that new suggested time will become your new default, overriding the Saturday time and day. This way, you are in control over when you play your match.
WIth that said though, you will need to play & report your match before Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time, as that is when the next week is going to be generated. Failure to play by that deadline will result in a forfeit of your match.

Whitelist, servers, and configs

We are using the updated Global Whitelist, which sees things such as the Soda Popper and Quick Fix banned in competitive play. In addition, you are required to use the UGC configuration files,as this is simply more convenient for the majority of our players, as almost all of you will already have UGC’s files on your server, and all auto-server providers (such as serveme) have those configs preinstalled. In future seasons we will be creating our own configuration files and whitelists for other modes and game types, and we fully intend to provide an automated service via our own network of dedicated servers, similar to ESEA. They will automatically be configured with our configs, and will be available at all times for scrims, pugs, and matches. Until this network has launched, please use your own servers, with the UGC configs.

Rules & Guidelines

We’re currently using our own ruleset, which is very similar to both UGC and ESEA. Go here to view the ruleset – http://tfcleague.com/6v6-rules/
Note that those rules are currently incomplete, but are basically a mirror of UGC’s ruleset. If you’re not entirely sure if what you’re doing is against our rules of play, simply try to abide by the rules of UGC.

In addition to those rules, we may also enforce “common sense” rules that are otherwise not stated in our current document. These will be determined on a case by case basis. One example, is if we determine that a certain player or team is constantly showing unsportsmanlike behavior, or are otherwise a toxic addition to our league, and disrupting regular league play, we may put restrictions on the team or player, even if what they are doing isn’t specifically against our current ruleset. So basically, don’t be a jerk, and play fairly.


Maps can be viewed here, as well as on your My Matches page.

Late Joining

It’s still not too late to participate in the season. If you’re on a team, or looking to start a team for TFCL, be sure to get 6 members onto your roster, and ready your team up. This can be done up until the start of the second match, so if you wanna play, hurry. 🙂


That’s about it for now, guys! If you should ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below, or talk with us in our Discord.

Soft Launch – Season 1A


Hey guys, Sidular here. For those of you unfamiliar, I’m the head administrator and creator of TFCL. Pretty much all of the articles will be coming from me, so get used to my pretty face, will ya? 😛

Now, as some of you may know, we’ve already had one semi-successful Ultiduo season, which was held over on our development website. End Game, featuring b4nny and nursey, ended up winning the tournament, and taking home the prize for first place. I’d like to once again congratulate them, and to thank everyone else that happened to compete in that tournament. Without your early support and participation, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As an extra show of thanks, everyone that participated in that tournament will be receiving a special TFCL Alpha Medal. Same goes for anyone that happens to compete in Season 1A. You’ll get a unique medal that basically shows that you were here before everyone else. Kinda cool, right?

Anyway, we’re now officially at a stage in our development, where we feel comfortable with bringing TFCL public, for anyone and everyone to use and enjoy. So today, we’re announcing our first ever official season; Season 1A.

Registration for Season 1A is now open for both Highlander and 6v6. This is quite honestly a test season to see how many teams we can get for each of these two formats. TFCL is still in active development, so if something goes wrong, report it.


Highlander – $90
Sixes – $120

This is a full 8 week season + playoffs, for a total of 16 weeks. There is only a single division.
Teams are expected to provide their own servers.

Default times

Sixes – Saturday at 9:30 PM Eastern
Highlander – Sunday at 8:30 PM Eastern

Highlander matches must be played before Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern.
Sixes matches must be played before Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern.
Failure to play your match before the cutoff date will result in a forfeit.


Highlander Maps
Sixes Maps
(note: also contains detailed schedule and time information, including default start date for week 1 match) 


Currently, you are expected to use the UGC configuration files for all of the respective modes. The UGC whitelist is also being enforced for Highlander.


We may end up casting some of the matches throughout this season. Remember to follow us on Twitch to know the instant we’re online. Who knows, we may end up casting your match! 😀

Expect more announcements in the near future, as we continue our development, and introduce new features and services.


Also, as a side disclaimer. If we do not receive enough team registrations, the Prizes, Season Length, or the season itself, may be changed and/or cancelled. 

TFCL Acquires bball.tf

I’m proud to announce that TFCL has acquired the bball.tf league, and will be bringing their awesomeness into the TFCL family of services.

We’re developing a custom system that will allow for pug-like bball lobbies to be created by anyone, and we’ll host our own official bball tournaments as well, with prizes, of course. More information on this system will be announced later on, though I promise ya, it’ll be freaking awesome. 😀

The bball.tf staff are also coming over to TFCL, so all of the familiar faces aren’t going anywhere. We’re simply upgrading their league by bringing them up to speed with our custom platform.

So yeah, welcome aboard, bballers!

If you have any questions, please comment below.