Soft Launch – Season 1A


Hey guys, Sidular here. For those of you unfamiliar, I’m the head administrator and creator of TFCL. Pretty much all of the articles will be coming from me, so get used to my pretty face, will ya? 😛

Now, as some of you may know, we’ve already had one semi-successful Ultiduo season, which was held over on our development website. End Game, featuring b4nny and nursey, ended up winning the tournament, and taking home the prize for first place. I’d like to once again congratulate them, and to thank everyone else that happened to compete in that tournament. Without your early support and participation, we wouldn’t be where we are today. As an extra show of thanks, everyone that participated in that tournament will be receiving a special TFCL Alpha Medal. Same goes for anyone that happens to compete in Season 1A. You’ll get a unique medal that basically shows that you were here before everyone else. Kinda cool, right?

Anyway, we’re now officially at a stage in our development, where we feel comfortable with bringing TFCL public, for anyone and everyone to use and enjoy. So today, we’re announcing our first ever official season; Season 1A.

Registration for Season 1A is now open for both Highlander and 6v6. This is quite honestly a test season to see how many teams we can get for each of these two formats. TFCL is still in active development, so if something goes wrong, report it.


Highlander – $90
Sixes – $120

This is a full 8 week season + playoffs, for a total of 16 weeks. There is only a single division.
Teams are expected to provide their own servers.

Default times

Sixes – Saturday at 9:30 PM Eastern
Highlander – Sunday at 8:30 PM Eastern

Highlander matches must be played before Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern.
Sixes matches must be played before Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern.
Failure to play your match before the cutoff date will result in a forfeit.


Highlander Maps
Sixes Maps
(note: also contains detailed schedule and time information, including default start date for week 1 match) 


Currently, you are expected to use the UGC configuration files for all of the respective modes. The UGC whitelist is also being enforced for Highlander.


We may end up casting some of the matches throughout this season. Remember to follow us on Twitch to know the instant we’re online. Who knows, we may end up casting your match! 😀

Expect more announcements in the near future, as we continue our development, and introduce new features and services.


Also, as a side disclaimer. If we do not receive enough team registrations, the Prizes, Season Length, or the season itself, may be changed and/or cancelled.