6v6 Season 1 Playoffs

If you managed to kick ass during our regular 8 week season, you’re pretty awesome. If you were on the receiving end of the ass kicking, uh… well, better luck next time, I guess?

Season 1 has concluded, and now we’re moving on to the playoff bracket. The top 4 teams from the regular season will now compete in a double elimination bracket. If you lose, you suck. If you win, you don’t suck. No matter what though, you’ll get a badge. The badge is going to be fairly unique, and will only be given out to those early few that decided to sign up and compete in TFCL before everyone else. So in a way, this is a hipster badge, and you are a hipster. Congrats on being a hipster, you Starbucks loving Mac user!

Er, too far?


You can view your schedules from the My Matches page, just like before. There’s also a new bracket for you guys to browse.

Map 1: cp_sunshine
Map 2: cp_snakewater
Map 3: koth_product


Oh right, and if you’re deemed the winner of this whole shindig, you’ll also be given $120. There is no prize for second place however, so if you come in second, you’re basically a loser in our eyes.