We’re Recruiting! Help us build the future of TF2!

Do you love TF2? Do you have web development skills? Do you want to see TF2 become a big eSport? Do you like pootis?

Well then, you’re in luck! TFCL is currently looking for a handful of talented minions web developers to help us truly make TF2 shine in the eSport world! We’ve got one hell of a vision for Team Fortress 2, and need a little help from you guys to turn this vision into a reality. Right now, this is really just stage one of our grand master plan. Next up is world domination.

What we’re looking for

  1. Lead Developer.
    – as the lead developer, you are responsible for pretty much everything that we do here. Every new feature, every new bug fix, every new line of code. This is a big task, but it also has the potential for a big reward. Feeling up to it?
  2. Sub Developers
    – as a sub developer, you will be given tasks by the lead developer, or by Sidular himself. Your job mostly consists of creating new features and bug fixes.
  3. League Administrators
    – these are the people that handle all match disputes for a certain league or tournament format, like 6v6 or highlander. You’ll also be responsible for making sure that all scores are submitted before deadline, and report forfeit wins and losses for matches that went unplayed.

What we need from A Dev

  1. You’ll need to be fluent in several programming languages, primarily PHP and HTML.
  2. If you’re the lead developer, you’ll be the primary project manager, and will be responsible for overall management. We will provide you with our code, but not the tools required to edit it.
  3. You’ll need to be able to follow direction, and provide accurate development timelines. While there is no real deadline for most TFCL feature releases, we do fully expect you to get the job done within the timeframe that you specify. (if you say the feature will be done in 5 days, we expect it to be done in 5 days)
  4. You need to love TF2, and want to see this scene go beyond its current level. TF2 isn’t dead, so don’t say it is.

What we need from an admin

  1. Honesty and integrity.
    – it’s entirely your job to make sure that everybody is following the rules, and having fun
  2. Discipline and judgement
    – not all rules are equally enforced. It’s up to you to enforce the right rules at the right times, to ensure a safe and fun playing environment.
  3. Schedule generation
    – round schedules must be manually generated, and can only be created after all matches from the previous round are complete. If a match score hasn’t been reported, you’ll need to determine why, and issue a forfeit if necessary.

What you get

Absolutely nothing! 😀

No, seriously. At least for the time being, we cannot provide you with any kind of immediate payment. However, we will be implementing services (that you will develop) in the future that will provide TFCL with an operating revenue. Up to 30% of this income goes directly to our staff, which means you! Sure, it might not be able to pay your college tuition, but it will at least be enough to buy an Aussie or two! Which is something, right?

If you’re interested in applying for the developer position, please send Sidular a message on Steam.

Note that as of right now, our main focus is on developers. If you’re applying for the league administrator spot, you may be put on hold for a while. We need developers right now more than we need league administrators.