Announcing Season 2 Sixes, $248 Prize Pool!

We’re proud to announce our second official 6v6 season! This season will have medals, a prize pool, and a single division. It will consist of 8 regular season rounds + a 16 team double elimination playoff.

Config: Coming Soon
Whitelist: Global
Rules: Coming Soon

Registration Deadline: June 13th
Week 1: June 17h

Total Pool: $248
First Place: $120 (avg. $20/player)
Second Place: $80 (avg. $13/player)
Third Place: $48 (avg. $8/player)

To get started, simply create a team, roster 6 players, and ready up. You’ll be added to the season automatically, and will be notified when it starts. Already have a team from last season? No worries! just ready it back up, and you’re good to go for Season 2. 😀

  • Hoganbrat Gaming

    considering I don’t have any friends that play much TF2, I need to join a team. Very flexible person who is willing to play any class! hit me up for Highlander or 6v6

  • Magic High Elf

    I don’t have any Friends to play TF2 with, can someone help me join the 6v6? I’m flexible

  • Zystem

    How many players can you have in a team ? i cant find the ansquer to that question in rules / forums