TFCL League Updates & News for May 13th

This article contains a mismatch of information that details key changes and announcements coming to TFCL.

  1. TFCL will provide prizes for Sixes and Highlander. Everything else is on a per-season basis.
    -This does not rule out the possibility of us providing a prize pool for Fours, or other formats.
  2. Niche formats such as Ultiduo and bball will still be supported, but on a less frequent basis. These niche formats will have a prize pool.
  3. TFCL will provide three main divisions and one sub division, categorized below. These divisions will be introduced over time for 6v6, highlander, and 4v4 formats.
    -S Rank: This is the highest division possible, and is comparable to Invite/Platinum
    -A Rank: The second highest rank, comparable to Gold/Intermediate
    -B Rank: This is the lowest main rank, and is comparable to Open/Gold-Steel
    -C Rank: This is a “training” rank used primarily for total beginners to competitive TF2. Will introduce this in 2018/2019.

    Currently, all single-division seasons and tournaments are considered B Rank.

  4. Medals will be distributed a week after the end of a major season.
    -Everybody that has competed up until this point will receive a special alpha medal. Pictured below is the alpha medal with first, second, third, and participant variants. -The alpha medals will be distributed end of May, early June.
  5. The Toronto LAN is currently set for September 2017.
    -The LAN is hosted by Hidi.


That’s it for now guys.