Ultiduo Season 3 – $250 Prize Pool [updated]

update: we delayed the launch of our Ultiduo season to August 12th, with the registration deadline being August 9th. 

We’re proud to announce our third official Ultiduo season! This season will have medals, a prize pool, and a single division. It will consist of 6 regular season rounds + a 16 team double elimination playoff.

Prize Breakdown

1st. $200 ($100 per player)
2nd. $40 ($20 per player)
3rd. $10 ($5 per player)

Total: $250

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View Maps
The playoffs will be played on a mix of the regular season maps.

cfg & whitelist

You can download our main Ultiduo CFG here.
You can also view our whitelist separately here – http://whitelist.tf/tfcl_ultiduo

Season Format & Schedule

This ultiduo season will consist of 6 regular season weeks, followed by a double elimination bracket.
There will be a total of 6 regular season matches. Matches are to take place every Saturday at 8:00 PM Eastern, with the first match scheduled for August 12th.


You can view our Ultiduo rules here – http://tfcleague.com/rules/ultiduo/


Regular Season: https://www.twitch.tv/tfcleague

Join Up

If you already have a team, simply sign into TFCL, and go to the Ultiduo bracket. Near the bottom there is a “Register for this bracket” button. Select that, choose your Ultiduo team, and you’re good to go. (be sure to ready up)

If you don’t have a team yet, sign into TFCL and go to Teams > Create Team.
Fill out the form and select Ultiduo. Next just get a minimum of two people on roster, and follow the steps above to register for the bracket.

Best of luck everybody! May the best duo win! 😀