Highlander Season 1 Announcement (HLS1)

We’re proud to announce our first official Highlander Season! This season will have medals.  It will consist of 8 regular season rounds + playoffs.

Season 1 (winter season) starts on November 26th.

Season 1 Registration

To register your Highlander team for Season 1, go to our Highlander Hub and follow the How To Compete instructions.

Starting immediately, TFCL will host a total of 3 seasons per year.
Winter Season: November  – January
Spring Season: March – May
Summer Season: July – October

Ranking / Divisions

B Rank is our equivalent of ESEA Open, and is our primary free rank.

Maps / Schedule

Week 1: pl_upward
Week 2: koth_product_rc8
Week 3: cp_steel
Week 4: cp_gullywash_final1
–Holiday Hiatus–
Jan 7 Week 5: pl_borneo
Week 6: pl_swiftwater_final1
Week 7: pl_badwater_pro_v11
Week 8: koth_lakeside_final1

Important Dates

Team Registration: October 16th
Season Start: November 26th

Have questions? Post to our Forums or to our Discord, and we’ll answer them as soon as we can. 😀