Paid Thingies – Feedback Heard!

Alright, alright. So let’s talk about the pootis in the room. Paid divisions, paid travel, and ESEA.

See, when we announced that we were going to be hosting a paid league to “rival” ESEA, it wasn’t actually intended to rival ESEA. The main incentive was to provide increased prize pools now, rather than wait X years for our additional monetization methods to go live. Rightfully, our announcement of a paid league really seemed to scare a number of higher level players, with some bringing up concern that TFCL could “kill” ESEA. And honestly, yeah; there was a very real chance of that happening. So instead of risking it, we’re just not gonna do it. At least not now.

Instead, we’re going to focus on expanding our paid league (and only our paid league) over to Europe. To essentially create an “invite experience” for the top European teams and players, and offering up a guaranteed prize pool for Europe’s top talent. Feedback has so far been very positive, though we’re definitely open to more feedback. Let us know whether or not you want us to provide a paid league in Europe. If we receive enough support, we’ll be able to launch it this Spring.

Hopefully by moving our paid ranks to Europe, we’re no longer going to be at risk of harming ESEA, since we’ll be in entirely different parts of the world. This continent shift won’t affect our current league, as it stands now. We will continue to provide prize pools for sixes and ultiduo, all without charging any kind of premium fees or subscriptions.


As for paid travel benefits to our UberJam LAN? Those benefits were tied strictly to our NA Paid Ranks, and since we’re no longer doing that, they’re no longer applicable. We still want to make travel as easy and cost effective as possible for teams looking to attend, so we may end up hosting an online qualifier, with the top team per each region being offered free travel to the event. More news on that soon.


Anyway, sorry for how short this article is. I just wanted to get this thing out there as soon as possible.