Important League Changes [april fools]

Due to a recent investment from a third party, the Team Fortress Competitive League will be making some key changes moving forward. This article will outline the various changes coming to our league, and will also provide important details about the future of TFCL.

We’ve been working very closely with top level esport organizations from Counter-Strike and Overwatch, and they’ve provided us with some valuable feedback on the current state of competitive Team Fortress 2. With their feedback in mind, we’ve decided to make these primary balance changes to the 6v6 format.

Map Update: All 5cp maps have been removed from our regular season rotation, and will be replaced with koth and payload. This should help prevent stalemates from occurring, and encourages a faster style of play. (note: this suggestion came from our Overwatch organization partners) 

Class Update: To help encourage a more tactical gameplay style, we are banning the Pyro class. The Pyro doesn’t fit with the overall dynamic of Team Fortress 2, and if anything, encourages anti-competitive behaviour. (note: this suggestion came from our Counter-Strike organization partners)

Weapon Update: We no longer allow the use of unlocked weapons, requiring that everyone use stock from now on. This is to ensure a fair and balanced experience for every single competitive player, as everybody has the same weapons at all times. Now, it’s entirely a matter of who uses which weapon better, and no longer about cheap weapon-based strategies and tactics that another player may not be able to counter, due to him or her not having the weapon unlocked and available for use. Weapon unlocks create a massive imbalance.

These changes will take effect immediately, and should provide a more balanced competitive experience.