Sixes Season 4

We’re proud to announce our fourth official 6v6  Season! This season will have a $150 prize pool and medals.  It will consist of 16 matches, spread out over an 8 week period + playoffs.

Format Changes

Unlike previous seasons, TFCL will be switching to the 16 match / 8 week format, used most notably by ESEA.
Matches are to take place every Friday and Saturday at 9:30 PM Eastern, with the first match scheduled for May 4th. Default time to report scores is Wednesday at 11:00 PM.

We’re primarily making this change to help encourage a more even and fair regular season structure, as well as to introduce larger prize pools in future seasons.


Week 1: cp_badlands
Week 2: koth_product_rc9
Week 3: cp_snakewater_final1
Week 4: cp_process_final
Week 5: cp_metalworks
Week 6: cp_sunshine
Week 7: cp_gullywash_final1
Week 8: koth_bagel_rc2a



Total: $150
First Place: $70
Second Place: $50
Third Place: $30


Important Dates

Season Start: May 4th.
Registration End: May 3rd. 


Season 4 Bracket – Registration

Sixes Hub

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