TFCL Hiatus + Rebuild

As some of you may know, we’ve been running at a bit of a delay lately. Prizes, medals, and even seasonal schedules. We had to delay almost everything due to a series of unavoidable bugs and glitches. Because of these issues, we’ve decided to completely rebuild our league from the ground up, giving us full and complete control over everything, with no WordPress limitations or restrictions to speak of.

What Does This Mean?

Rebuilding TFCL from the ground up is going to take some time, and will require that we go into a temporary seasonal hiatus until our new website is up and running. After the current season is finished, we will only be hosting weekend cups and smaller tournaments for the rest of the summer, with an expected relaunch set for this Fall.

Will My Play History Carry Over?

Possibly, but it’s too soon to give out a definitive answer. We’ll definitely try to move as much team and player data over to the new website as we can, but due to the way WordPress stores everything in the database, moving everything might not be possible. Expect more info on this soon.

Tournaments & Cups?

We will be hosting small tournaments and weekend cups leading up to the launch of our new website. Virtually all of our tournaments will be casted by TFCL or one of our casting partners, and will sport some level of sponsor-supported prize.

We’ll have a tournament release schedule within the coming weeks.

When’s The NExt Main Season?

We’ll begin hosting our sixes, highlander, and ultiduo seasons as soon as our new website is up and running. The current estimated release is Fall 2018, or roughly three months from this writing.

Will the new site have the same features?

Yes, everything you can currently do on TFCL, you will also be able to do on the new TFCL.

What Does This Mean For UberJam LAN?

Sadly, rebuilding our entire league means that we need to shift our focuses away from our upcoming UberJam LAN. We simply can’t dedicate our time and resources to managing a LAN when we’re rebuilding our online league. With that said though, UberJam 2019 is still in the works, with UberJam itself being a prime focus for TFCL moving forward. So this cancellation is only for 2018.

I have More Questions

Feel free to ask them over on our Discord.