TFCL Sixes Season 5 – $3000 Season!

It’s been a very long time coming, but it’s finally here. After taking over a year to fully redevelop our league from scratch, we’re pleased to announce our fifth  official 6v6  Season! This season will have up to a $3000 prize pool and medals.  It will consist of 16 matches, spread out over an 8 week period + playoffs.


Registration for Season 5 is now open and will remain open until Friday, July 26th, 2019. The first default match day is  Tuesday, July 30th.




Week 1: cp_snakewater_final1
Week 2: cp_gullywash_final1
Week 3: cp_sunshine
Week 4: koth_clearcut
Week 5: cp_process_final
Week 6: cp_metalworks
Week 7: koth_product_rcx
Week 8: cp_badlands



  • A Rank Prize Pool: $2,000
    1st. $1000
    2nd. $600
    3rd. $400
  • B Rank Prize Pool: $1,000
    1st. $550
    2nd. $250
    3rd. $200
  • C Rank Prize Pool: $150
    1st. $75
    2nd. $50
    3rd. $25


DIvision Fees

A Rank: $30 per player
B Rank: $15 per player
C Rank: Free



You will have the option of playing all matches on a TFCL provided server, which is preconfigured for you, and available in 16 locations worldwide. If you’d prefer to host your match using a community server instead of one of our own, both teams must verify their intent within match comms.

All servers must run updated TFCL configuration files, and have the proper map versions installed.

You can find the latest cfg and maps on our Downloads page.


Notice on Division Merges and Season 5 Structure

A Rank and B Rank both require a minimum of 12 teams for the division to become active. If A Rank receives fewer than 12 teams, all A Rank teams will be moved down to B Rank, and player fees will be partially refunded to match the B Rank fees.

If B Rank receives fewer than 12 teams, all B Rank teams will be moved down to C Rank, and player fees will be refunded.

All three divisional ranks are open registration for the current season. We trust that teams will pick the level they feel most comfortable competing at. Future seasons will have A Rank operate as a closed registration division, with only the top teams from B Rank being moved up to A Rank.

If you’re unsure as to which division you should register for, please take your prior competitive experience into consideration.
If you’ve played in ESEA Intermediate, you will want to play in TFCL A Rank. If you’ve played in ESEA Open, you will want to play in TFCL B Rank or TFCL C Rank.

Which division you ultimately register for is entirely up to you.


Good luck!