2023 Update – Another Message From Sidular

Hey all, Sidular here.

It’s been over a year since my last post on here, and I wish I could say that development has been active and healthy. Unfortunately, things are moving along quite slowly right now, and there are a number of reasons for this.

For those of you that don’t care about my personal happenings and just want to know whether or not TFCL is actually going to become a thing? Rest assured, TFCL is coming back. We’ve also been moderately active over on Twitter as well, so if you don’t yet follow @TF2League, be sure to do so.

Anyway, so what’s going on? Why the radio silence?

I Lost Both of My Parents Last Year

Yeah, so you remember how losing my father was one of the key motivators for bringing TFCL back? Turns out, losing my mother a few months later sort of killed a lot of my motivation. My fathers death was expected, as he had been sick for a very, very long time. My mother, on the other hand? Total freak accident. I don’t want to get into too much detail here, considering how personal this is for me…

This sort of resulted in me being forced to take on new responsibilities. Funerals, travel, additional bills, dealing with the government, and so on. It’s been hard, to say the least. And I never expected that I would have to deal with this shit before I had even turned 30.

And yet, here I am. No parents. Hell, I didn’t even know if I could stay in the apartment I was renting! I mean, I was on the lease, but so was she. I was taking care of her. But with her gone, was I even allowed to stay? I had so many questions, and no real way to get them answered.

So Here’s What I Did

You could make the argument that I ran, though I’m not entirely sure if that’s accurate. No, I’d word it more as “moving forward”. Everything that I had went towards buying a house “up North”. I moved 500 KM away from everywhere I once knew, and I did so relatively blindly. I took myself, my girlfriend, and moved. I even got an orange cat named Dante.

Unfortunately, buying a house meant that virtually all of the money I was using for TFCL (among other projects) is pretty much gone.

But What Does This Mean For TFCL?

More time. I’m performing a rather major restructure of both my business and personal life, and this takes time. So while TFCL is still one of my higher priority projects, it is not something that will be coming out any time soon. So no, TFCL will not release in 2023.

As I mentioned before, I will not be launching TFCL without all of its promised features and services. This entire league is being rebuilt from the ground up, and that takes both time, as well as money. And yes, I’ve learned from my past mistakes in launching what was ultimately an unfinished league. Functional, sure. But not “the best TF2 league ever”, which is what I plan to turn TFCL into.

About “The Other Guys”

I want TFCL to co-exist, if at all possible, with every other league and tournament organization currently operating within TF2. I’ve offered to assist and even invest into other leagues, and want to work closely with them to ensure that ‘we don’t step on anybody’s toes’. Rivalries and a shaky past aside, I also want to wish sigafoo all the best with his future endeavours. I know you and I didn’t leave on the best of terms, especially considering the topic of our discussions, though I understand why things played out the way they did. And hey, my offer of a game of Rocket League still stands. 😉

Finally, How Do I Get More Information?

When we have more to share, it’ll be done on Twitter first. Only reason I’m posting here is so that it can reach a broader audience.

So yeah, give @TF2League a follow. I’m also open to answering questions through there as well, so shoot me a question if you’ve got one!

What Information Has Already Been Shared?

Few key things.

  1. First official season will have a $40,000 prize pool, split up between the various formats.
  2. The total budget will be $50,000, with $10,000 going to production and general maintenance.
  3. We will support North America at launch, and will quickly expand to Europe, South America, Oceana, and Asia. (in that order)
  4. The entire league will be fully automated. All servers will be provided by us.
  5. The server network will also be publicly available, so you can reserve one for your RGL match, too!
  6. All major whitelists and server configs will be supported on our servers.
  7. We will have servers in 16 locations.
  8. We will pay all of our staff.
  9. There will be a PUG platform day-one.
  10. There will be an automatic scrim system day-one. (league finds and schedules scrims for you against other teams of a chosen criteria)
  11. Sixes, highlander, and ultiduo, will be supported day-one. Prolander (with dynamic pick-ban system), bball, and fours, will be introduced within the first year of our relaunch.
  12. The money for TFCL (our funding) comes from Sidular, the company. Our primary source of revenue is DoRoyal Hosting.
  13. Sidular also runs a number of websites and services, and has direct connections within the video game industry.
  14. We will have yearly LAN tournaments.
  15. TFCL, unlike ESEA, will have no forced monthly fees.
  16. Any additional fees beyond paying for your division / team will be entirely optional. TFCL will, at its core, always be free.
  17. We will work with the community to allow custom cups and tournaments, using specific whitelists, maps, or rulesets. We want to fuel creativity, and offer TFCL as the platform to make your competitive dreams happen. (ie. want to use us to host a pan-only tournament? Sure, go ahead)


That’s all for now.

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