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TFCL provides a dedicated 6v6 league and tournament structure with prize pools, and in-game medals. This page will act as our central hub on all things 6v6 related.

What Is 6v6?

Sixes (6v6) is widely considered to be the most serious competitive structure in Team Fortress 2. This format provides the highest level of play in the world, where teams of six players go head to head on various competitive focused maps and game types, such as 5cp (badlands, process, sunshine) and koth (product, bagel). Teams usually consist of two scouts, two soldiers, one demoman, and one medic, with that acting as the most balanced meta for the format. It isn’t uncommon for teams to run sniper, spy, pyro, heavy, or engineer, if the situation should allow for their unique class weapons and abilities. However, it is uncommon and usually ineffective for a team to run one of those classes for the entirety of the game.

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