The TFCL Vision

You might find this mildly surprisingly, but we’re huge fans of Team Fortress 2. We love everything that this game has to offer, and believe that with the right push, TF2 can become a very popular eSport in its own right. Unfortunately, no other league is really doing much to promote TF2 as an eSport title, so we figured it was time that we create our own league. TFCL was built with the hat wearing spirit, and our ultimate goal is to showcase the awesome world of Team Fortress by being the absolute best league and TF2 resource around. Everything TF2 will happen here, all in the name of some sketchy Russian science.

Not everything outlined on this page is here yet, though we can at least say with absolute certainty that it’s all coming. We’re not gonna bonk you on the side of the head with empty promises. This shit is real, and it’s happening. So here, enjoy our vision of what we want TF2 to become. Our vision of what a true TF2 league should provide. Because by the end of the day, we’re all gamers with a passion. So let us fuel your passion, and bring TF2 back into the light.

Easy Scrimming

If you currently run a team in another league, you know how hard it can be to organize a scrim against a rival team. Usually you’d have to manually search for a clan, add the leader, wait for the leader to accept your friend request, and then ask if they’re open to scrim you on [insert date here].¬†There’s no guarantee they’ll even say yes, making that whole process totally pointless.

TFC League is a little different. On our platform, there’s no manually waiting around for somebody to accept your friend request. Instead, you simply indicate that your team is open to scrims, set a designated time and date of when you’re available, and we’ll automatically pair you up with another team from your skill division that’s looking to scrim at the same time you are. This way, you will always have a team to fight against.


TFC League is the only league in North America to actually take Highlander seriously, and provide Highlander players with prizes if they’re the best of the best. Seriously, would you rather play in a league that offers you virtual in-game medals, or a league that offers you actual money if you win? Thankfully for you, TFCL does both!


Look, you’re an awesome person, and you’re one of the best in the world at what you do. It’s only fair that you be rewarded for your superior skills. That’s why TFCL offers some kind of prize for all of our tournaments and competitions. And if you want to be compensated for your awesomeness, you simply be good. No credit card or monthly subscription required. Just win, and be better than everyone else.


Every single person competing in HL, 6v6, and 4v4 tournaments, will receive a participation medal. Just join a team, play the season, and get a medal to showcase how freaking awesome you are. Better yet, if you take home the season title, you’ll also receive a unique placement medal. So like, get good, and kick butts!


The goal is to eventually provide a truly automated service, which means that we’ll need to have one heck of a server network. Scrims, matches, competitions, beer. You name it, we’ll have a server for you to play on. Eventually. Cause like, building up a large network takes time, ya know?

Totally Custom

We’re building everything from the ground up, to ensure that all of our features fit all of your competitive needs as a player or team leader. TFCL is in active development, with new features and tweaks being worked on all the time! casting

If you’re in the Playoffs, and if you’re playing at a high skill division, your match is going to be casted live to our Twitch channel! Though even if you’re not on a world class team, we may still end up casting your match. So smile for the camera, because you’ve got thousands of people watching. No pressure!

Fair & Balanced

We actively monitor everything to make sure that your team truly belongs in your current skill division. If your team is good, you’ll be pushed to a higher division, to play against teams of a similar skill level. We call this our Anti-Sandbag Service, or A.S.S for short. Don’t be an A.S.S.