The Team Fortress 2 Competitive League, or TFCL for short, is a professional North American esport league, dedicated to providing the highest level of 6v6, Highlander, and Ultiduo competition on the planet. In addition to high level serious play, we will also provide several lower level introductory competitions, and hope to help bridge the gap between casual and competitive TF2.

Automated Scrimming (coming 2020)

We want to make finding scrims easy, so we’re building an entire scrim platform built directly into the league itself. You select a time and configure some scrim preferences, and we’ll automatically find a scrim for you. No funny business or looking for scrim (LFS) tags. We do the hard work for you, so you can just focus on playing.

Prize Pools

TFCL is split between a pay to play and free to play structure, providing a fair level of competition for everybody of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to compete for thousands of dollars, just over a hundred, or nothing at all. We’ve got something for everyone.


We have servers in the following locations. Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Toronto, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney.

TFCL’s server network is available to everybody, and is a core part of our league. We currently have 30 servers at all of our above locations, and will add more servers and locations as demand for them increases.


Yes, we have medals.

Pick-Up-Games & Lobbies (October 2019)

TFCL is developing a custom Pick-up-Game and Lobby platform, which will be built into the league itself.  Thanks to our large server network, hosting a pick-up-game is as easy as clicking a button, and loading into the game.

Total Automation

Since we operate our own global server infrastructure, we’re able to automate the league and user experience beyond that of any other league. Match and scheduling automation, server automation, scrim automation. Basically everything that can be automated for you, is or will soon be automated for you.

We do all of the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on playing.

Match Casting

If you want to cast one of our matches, whether you represent an organization or you’re just a lone player, you will be able to find the STV information freely available on the public match page. If you want exclusive rights to a match, we offer that as well on a first come, first serve basis. Just reach out!


 If you’ve ever played a fighting game, you’re probably already familiar with this system of ranking. But if not, then the only thing you gotta know, is that S is the highest, and D is the lowest.

Currently, TFCL only provides A and B Rank, though as more teams sign up, more ranks will be introduced.