Upcoming: Highlander Season 1 Swiss System Highlander Bracket
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Late joining allowed until round 3
This is an experimental season. There are no prizes, only medals.

Note: In addition to joining the bracket, you must also get 9 players on your roster, and ready up. If your team is not readied up, even if you're in the bracket, you will not get to play.

Bracket Rounds:
Upcoming Round #1 on pl_upward
Upcoming Round #2 on koth_product_rc8
Late joining allowed before this point!
Upcoming Round #3 on cp_steel
Upcoming Round #4 on cp_gullywash_final1
Upcoming Round #5 on pl_borneo
Upcoming Round #6 on pl_swiftwater_final1
Upcoming Round #7 on pl_badwater_pro_v11
Upcoming Round #8 on koth_lakeside_final1

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