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Paid Thingies – Feedback Heard!

Alright, alright. So let’s talk about the pootis in the room. Paid divisions, paid travel, and ESEA.

See, when we announced that we were going to be hosting a paid league to “rival” ESEA, it wasn’t actually intended to rival ESEA. The main incentive was to provide increased prize pools now, rather than wait X years for our additional monetization methods to go live. Rightfully, our announcement of a paid league really seemed to scare a number of higher level players, with some bringing up concern that TFCL could “kill” ESEA. And honestly, yeah; there was a very real chance of that happening. So instead of risking it, we’re just not gonna do it. At least not now.

Instead, we’re going to focus on expanding our paid league (and only our paid league) over to Europe. To essentially create an “invite experience” for the top European teams and players, and offering up a guaranteed prize pool for Europe’s top talent. Feedback has so far been very positive, though we’re definitely open to more feedback. Let us know whether or not you want us to provide a paid league in Europe. If we receive enough support, we’ll be able to launch it this Spring.

Hopefully by moving our paid ranks to Europe, we’re no longer going to be at risk of harming ESEA, since we’ll be in entirely different parts of the world. This continent shift won’t affect our current league, as it stands now. We will continue to provide prize pools for sixes and ultiduo, all without charging any kind of premium fees or subscriptions.


As for paid travel benefits to our UberJam LAN? Those benefits were tied strictly to our NA Paid Ranks, and since we’re no longer doing that, they’re no longer applicable. We still want to make travel as easy and cost effective as possible for teams looking to attend, so we may end up hosting an online qualifier, with the top team per each region being offered free travel to the event. More news on that soon.


Anyway, sorry for how short this article is. I just wanted to get this thing out there as soon as possible.

The Future of TFCL: A Roadmap of 2018 (and beyond)

As of this writing, 2,835 gamers have created 763 teams across all of our available leagues and formats. Sure, not all of those teams are currently active, but still. It’s a cool little stat to have, especially when you consider that we as a league didn’t even exist two years ago.

Alright, so this is a general roadmap of what we have planned for TFCL, and how we intend to grow (revive?) Team Fortress 2’s competitive esport scene.

Structure Changes – Ranking

TFCL will operate two separate league structures, one paid, and one free. The general goal and idea is to try and combine both worlds into a single league. High level, low level, and everything in between.

Free Ranks

B Rank is a giant free to play division with prizes. It’s basically no different than what we have right now, so if you’re simply here to compete and have fun, B Rank is the place to go.

C Rank is more of a training division, and intended for teams and players that have no prior competitive experience. We’ll also bring in paid coaches (more on that later) to help guide and teach new teams so that they can one day move up to B or A Rank.

Pay Ranks

A Rank and S Rank are our answers to ESEA’s Open and Invite divisions. The goal is to charge a membership fee, which in turn gets added to the overall prize pool. At 12 teams, A Rank has a pool of $1,000, which is more or less equivalent to ESEA’s Open division. The A Rank pool will also increase depending on how many teams are signed up, to a maximum of $4,000.

A Rank is $15 per player per season.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have S Rank, which is our answer to ESEA’s Invite division. The pool for S Rank depends on how many teams sign up for A Rank, and could go as high as $100,000 per season.

S Rank is $40 per player per season. (note: final price is undecided, and could be as high as $80 per player per season)

We hope to introduce paid rankings into TFCL this Spring, and would love to hear some of your feedback in the comments.

UberJam Lan

The event will be held every November, starting 2018. Expect more information early next year. (note: this is our own self-hosted tournament, and has no relation with the previously mentioned Toronto LAN)


We’re working on several PUG systems, with the first being a more traditional system found in HLPugs or MixChamp. We’ll announce more when we can.

Weekend Tournaments

Moving forward, we plan to host various sponsored weekend tournaments, aka “cups“. These will be smaller 12-32 team tournaments spread out over a two day weekend.

Sponsored Teams/Organizations

To help encourage esport organizations to join and compete in TFCL, we’re going to make signing up for S Rank or A Rank completely free for the first two seasons. This will only apply to organizations that have been around for at least one year, and have teams in other leagues and games.

We’re hoping that this will bring a ton of new talent into Team Fortress 2. We’ll have more information about this soon.

Travel Benefits

To once again try and entice future talent to join and compete in competitive Team Fortress 2, we’re offering certain travel benefits to each and every team competing in S Rank and A Rank.

S Rank – free travel, excluding hotel.
A Rank – discounted travel, excluding hotel.

Hopefully this makes it easier for top teams to compete at LAN.


Everything we’ve mentioned here will be further expanded upon in future articles and announcements. We want the TF2 competitive scene to grow just as much as you do, which is why we’re going to be doing everything that we can to try and bring new talent into this game. We just want for the world to know how freaking awesome TF2 is, and how absolutely fun and competitive it can be with the right structure. That’s why we’re focusing heavily on making TFCL as appealing as possible for esport organizations. By giving organizations a free pass into TFCL, we’re hoping that they see it as a no-risk opportunity to test the waters of pro TF2. To bring their existing top level teams, and have them compete for free in TF2, and TFCL.

We’re also trying to make sure that this doesn’t deter new players from joining, which is why we’re offering two entirely free ranks, one with a prize pool, and one without. We want TFCL to be a fun and competitive environment for everyone, no matter their experience level.

Remember, this article was meant to be a tiny glimpse into the future of TFCL. We’re keeping things short for now, and will expand upon everything once we’re ready to do so.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

Ultiduo Season 4 Announcement

We’re proud to announce our fourth official Ultiduo Season! This season will have a $300 prize pool and medals.  It will consist of 8 matches, spread out over a 4 week period.

Season 4 (winter season) starts on November 25th.

Season 4 Registration

To register your Ultiduo team for Season 4, go to our Ultiduo Hub and follow the How To Compete instructions.

Don’t have a team? Create one here. (requires you sign in first)

Starting immediately, TFCL will host a total of 3 seasons per year.
Winter Season: November  – January
Spring Season: March – May
Summer Season: July – October


1st. $200 ($100 per player)
2nd. $60 ($30 per player)
3rd. $40 ($20 per player)

Total: $300

Maps / Schedule

Week 1: ultiduo_baloo_v2
Week 2: koth_ultiduo_r_b7
Week 3: ultiduo_lookout_a5
Week 4: ultiduo_gullywash_b2
–Holiday Hiatus–

This ultiduo season will consist of 4 regular season weeks, and 8 total matches.
Matches are to take place every Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern, with the first match scheduled for November 25th. Default time to report scores is Wednesday at 11:00 PM Eastern.


You can download our main Ultiduo CFG here.
You can also view our whitelist separately here –


You can view our Ultiduo rules here –


Regular Season:

Important Dates

Team Registration: October 21st
Season Start: November 25th

Have questions? Post to our Forums or to our Discord, and we’ll answer them as soon as we can. 😀

Highlander Season 1 Announcement (HLS1)

We’re proud to announce our first official Highlander Season! This season will have medals.  It will consist of 8 regular season rounds + playoffs.

Season 1 (winter season) starts on November 26th.

Season 1 Registration

To register your Highlander team for Season 1, go to our Highlander Hub and follow the How To Compete instructions.

Starting immediately, TFCL will host a total of 3 seasons per year.
Winter Season: November  – January
Spring Season: March – May
Summer Season: July – October

Ranking / Divisions

B Rank is our equivalent of ESEA Open, and is our primary free rank.

Maps / Schedule

Week 1: pl_upward
Week 2: koth_product_rc8
Week 3: cp_steel
Week 4: cp_gullywash_final1
–Holiday Hiatus–
Jan 7 Week 5: pl_borneo
Week 6: pl_swiftwater_final1
Week 7: pl_badwater_pro_v11
Week 8: koth_lakeside_final1

Important Dates

Team Registration: October 16th
Season Start: November 26th

Have questions? Post to our Forums or to our Discord, and we’ll answer them as soon as we can. 😀

Sixes Season 3 Announcement (6S3)

We’re proud to announce our third official Sixes Season! This season will have medalsa prize pool, and up to two ranks. It will consist of 8 regular season rounds + playoffs. Oh, and congrats to ~Cat Noises~ on winning Season 2! We’ll have prizes and medals out by the end of October, so stay tuned for that.

Season 3 (winter season) starts on November 25th, with team registration opening up on October 16th.

Starting immediately, TFCL will host a total of 3 seasons per year.
Winter Season: November  – January
Spring Season: March – May
Summer Season: July – October

Ranking / Divisions

S Rank will be created if we have at least six invite/platinum level teams signed up and ready.
B Rank is our equivalent of ESEA Open, and is our primary rank/division if S Rank criteria isn’t met.

Maps / Schedule

Week 1: cp_sunshine
Week 2: cp_process_final
Week 3: cp_metalworks
Week 4: koth_product_rc8
–Holiday Hiatus–
Jan 6 Week 5: cp_prolands_b3a
Week 6: cp_snakewater_final1
Week 7: cp_cardinal_b2
Week 8: cp_gullywash_final1

Important Dates

Team Registration: October 16th
Season Start: November 25th

Have questions? Post to our Forums or to our Discord, and we’ll answer them as soon as we can. 😀

Ultiduo Changes – Season Feedback + Medal Information

As you may know, we are the first and only league to offer a seasonal Ultiduo format. Unfortunately, that also means that there is a fair chunk of trial and error involved in making sure that Ultiduo fits the season structure as well as possible. This article seeks to address some of your feedback and concerns with Ultiduo, and how we plan to remedy them moving forward.

Length. This is the biggest point of feedback we’ve been receiving throughout the last two seasons of Ultiduo. You guys seem to think our season is too long, and the reward for playing in TFCL doesn’t quite outweigh the amount of time put into running an Ultiduo team. There are only 6 regular season games, spread out over the course of 6 weeks. This is, quite frankly, too long of a season, with too few games. Especially for a smaller format such as Ultiduo.

Well, we’ve heard ya loud and clear! The next season of Ultiduo will consist of 4 weeks, and 8 matches. You’ll get two matches per week, instead of the previous one. The goal is to speed up the season, while also providing as many matches as possible just so things aren’t boring for those of you competing. You know, so there’s less downtime now between matches.

Maps. Yes, we know. Our Ultiduo map pool is receiving some relatively mixed reception. Though let’s be honest here, there aren’t very many quality Ultiduo maps to begin with. I mean, other than Baloo and r7, what else is there? Maybe gullywash, if we’re being generous.

To hopefully help strengthen the Ultiduo map pool, we will be working with various talented mappers to create entirely new Ultiduo maps for use in TFCL and beyond. We’ll also begin to host our own version of the “New Map Cup”, where we test the latest and greatest maps this community has to offer. This might take several seasons though, so for now at least, you should expect the same map used multiple times throughout the season.

Yup, that’s pretty much it. If you guys have any more feedback, we’re all ears. Would love to hear about your experience playing in TFCL, and how you think we can improve our league. So just post whatever in the comments, and we’ll get right on it! 😀 \

Oh yeah, medals. Almost forgot!

So, as you all know, TFCL provides medals for pretty much everything. However, as you are also fully aware, we’ve yet to distribute them out to everybody. I’d like to touch on that in a brutally honest and open way, just so there’s no confusion or whatever.

To start off, here’s the tool that Valve gave us.  It’s pretty straightforward, and unfortunately, also quite limited. We had to modify it quite extensively, as the version we were given only let us give one medal to one person at a time. That’s kinda limiting, and definitely not ideal for a league setting. So, we’ve had to modify the tool, which is why things have been running somewhat slowly. I mean, let’s face it here; we’re going to be using this tool pretty much for as long as our league remains active, so we just don’t wanna mess this up. We’ve ended up building a more or less custom tool that’ll handle medal distribution moving forward, which meant more time spent on development, and less time actually distributing the medals.

Right now, we should have everything sent out by October 10th.  At least, that’s the general plan. At this point, it should just be a matter of collecting all of the steam ids, and sorting them into a text document. Then we import them into our tool, and send out the proper medals to the proper people with a single click of a button.

So that’s kinda what we’ve been doing. I know everyone and their mother has been looking for the TFCL medals, and wondering where they are. So, hopefully this article answers that. But if you’re too lazy to read it, here’s a TLDR: we got sent a very limited tool from Valve, and have been working hard to modify it so we can distribute medals. The extra development work is why we had to delay the overall distribution. 

Ultiduo Season 3 Playoffs

Welcome to the playoff, boys! Here’s some key information for Ultiduo S3 Playoffs.

Format: Double Elimination
Schedule: Sat @ 8:00 PM, Sun @ 8:00 PM.  (eastern time)
Score Deadline: 11:00 PM same-day. (eastern time)
Duration: 3 Weeks, 6 Matches.

We will be streaming select matchups on our Twitch channel.

Ultiduo Season 3 – $250 Prize Pool [updated]

update: we delayed the launch of our Ultiduo season to August 12th, with the registration deadline being August 9th. 

We’re proud to announce our third official Ultiduo season! This season will have medals, a prize pool, and a single division. It will consist of 6 regular season rounds + a 16 team double elimination playoff.

Prize Breakdown

1st. $200 ($100 per player)
2nd. $40 ($20 per player)
3rd. $10 ($5 per player)

Total: $250

Want more? Consider subscribing to our Patreon.


View Maps
The playoffs will be played on a mix of the regular season maps.

cfg & whitelist

You can download our main Ultiduo CFG here.
You can also view our whitelist separately here –

Season Format & Schedule

This ultiduo season will consist of 6 regular season weeks, followed by a double elimination bracket.
There will be a total of 6 regular season matches. Matches are to take place every Saturday at 8:00 PM Eastern, with the first match scheduled for August 12th.


You can view our Ultiduo rules here –

Regular Season:

Join Up

If you already have a team, simply sign into TFCL, and go to the Ultiduo bracket. Near the bottom there is a “Register for this bracket” button. Select that, choose your Ultiduo team, and you’re good to go. (be sure to ready up)

If you don’t have a team yet, sign into TFCL and go to Teams > Create Team.
Fill out the form and select Ultiduo. Next just get a minimum of two people on roster, and follow the steps above to register for the bracket.

Best of luck everybody! May the best duo win! 😀

Highlander and 6v6 Delays & Deadline Update

Highlander and Sixes have both been delayed until July. This was mostly to sync our league with our Ultiduo season, so everything starts at the same time.

New start dates

Highlander: July 9th.
Sixes: July 8th.
Ultiduo: July 8th.

The registration deadline for all three formats is now set to Thursday July 6th at approximately 6:00 PM ET. Once the deadline has passed, schedules will be sent out for all three formats at the same time.

Announcing Season 2 Sixes, $248 Prize Pool!

We’re proud to announce our second official 6v6 season! This season will have medals, a prize pool, and a single division. It will consist of 8 regular season rounds + a 16 team double elimination playoff.

Config: Coming Soon
Whitelist: Global
Rules: Coming Soon

Registration Deadline: June 13th
Week 1: June 17h

Total Pool: $248
First Place: $120 (avg. $20/player)
Second Place: $80 (avg. $13/player)
Third Place: $48 (avg. $8/player)

To get started, simply create a team, roster 6 players, and ready up. You’ll be added to the season automatically, and will be notified when it starts. Already have a team from last season? No worries! just ready it back up, and you’re good to go for Season 2. 😀