Q. How do I create a new team?
A. To create a new team, simply go to Teams > Create Team, and fill out the form. You’ll need to be signed in first, or else you’ll receive an error.

Q. Can I be on more than one team?
A. You can join one team per format.

Q. Do I need to pay a fee to play in TFCL?
A. Generally speaking, no. Our league is entirely free to play in. However, we do have a premier league for those that want more competition.

Q. How does TFCL Premier work? What are the fees?
A. You pay $15/€12 to compete against the top teams and players for some serious cash.

Q. If TFCL is free, where do the prizes come from?
A. Third party sponsors and advertisers, as well as miscellaneous community contributions, and support from our Patreon.

Q. Do I need to download anything to use TFCL?
A. No, everything that we provide is entirely web based. There are no premium clients to download, as those can affect your game performance.

Q. Where is TFCL available?
A. Officially, we are available to players from the United States and Canada. Starting Spring 2018, we will also be available in Europe.

Q. I don’t live in North America. Can I still play?
A. Yup, of course you can! Though it’s worth mentioning that not all prizes are available internationally, so if you end up winning a tournament, you may not actually win a prize. Plus, you’ll be playing on NA servers, so you’ll be at a ping disadvantage. Time zones can also be a real pain to deal with.

Q. I run a third party website or app. How do I link to TFCL Player Profiles?
A. Just like with other leagues, you can link directly to a TFCL profile by using the steamid64 value.