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`Hey there. First up, just wanted to clear up some serveme.tf confusion.
They should have our Ultiduo config on all of their servers, though you can only load it up from inside the server itself. This applies to the bball.tf config too.
When you’re in the server, sign into rcon by typing rcon_password followed by your password.
Then, type rcon exec tfcl_ultiduo_standard and wait for the config to start. You might have to reload the map once before the config is fully active, due to STV restrictions. TFTrue will typically do this for you though.

Also, there’s no need to save any of our configs locally. Everything is run server-side. Though if you’re talking about the server directory, you should place the TFCL config files into your tf/cfg folder.

In the future, we’ll provide a full network of servers for you to use during your scrims or matches. We’re basically going to be launching our own server hosting platform, which will allow for you to either freely reserve a temporary server for your match, or you can also pay a small monthly fee to keep your server online and available to you 24/7.
We’re going to launch this network under the UlarHost brand.