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As an european team do we have to play on american servers or are there european oriented ones?

You will need to play on North American servers when facing North American teams. If you’re matched with another EU team, you’re of course welcome to play on an EU server.

Second of all the first match is on 25/03/2017 06:30 PM EDT which is 11:30PM Cest and the second one on 25/03/2017 08:00 PM EDT which is 1AM Cest.
Do we basically have to play in middle of the night as europeans?

Unfortunately, yes. Though it is worth noting that those are simply default times, and can be changed by using the online scheduler.

And last of all the FAQ says not all prizes are available internationally, does this only apply to the prize money or medals as well?

Medals are available to everybody, no matter their region. However, certain future prizes may include physical or region locked content that is only available to certain areas of the world. Things like download codes for games that are only valid in North America, or physical gear that doesn’t ship internationally. When such a tournament or season is held with those restrictions in place, we will make it very clear that only players of a certain region can play and participate in the tournament. For Ultiduo Season 2, no such regional restrictions are in place.
The winner will be given the money in USD, and PayPal should automatically convert that to your local currency.

It is worth mentioning that TFCL is still only officially available in North America as of right now, though players from all over the world are more than welcome to compete. We added EU as an available region more as a response to the vast number of European players we’ve had signing up and creating teams. Basically, people were lying about their region just so that they could play in our Ultiduo season, so we figured we would add EU as a region option just so everyone can be a little more truthful about their location.