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I just checked your team, and can confirm that team PKG and Storm is readied up, but not yet added to the bracket. It’s likely that you created your team before we had the bracket finalized. Our system should have added your team automatically, but it looks like something bugged. 🙁

I’ve gone ahead and manually reset your ready status, by basically unreadying and readying your team back up. We’re also going to do this for any and all teams that were made before the bracket and are set as ready, just so no one is left behind. 🙂

Now that your team has been added to the bracket, check back tomorrow (the 22nd) for match information. Everything goes live tomorrow evening.

Oh, and if you’re the team leader, be sure to add an active email to your TFCL account. This is used for match communication and schedule information, and in the near future, will be a requirement for all team leaders and owners to have.