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    TFC League

    Hey guys, Sidular here.

    As you all likely know, TFCL is a free to play league with medals and prizes for all of our major formats. The prize pools up until this point have been provided by an early investor, but moving forward, we hope to be able to get some sponsors on board. TFCL is being built to be a league and a marketing platform, which more or less means that the bigger we are, the more prizes we can offer.

    Now, this is where my question comes in. You see, TFCL is a small league. We’re not exactly on the radar of too many large sponsors right now, which means we’re going to have to stick with smaller prizes until the big guys take notice of us. We only have a set amount of money to work with, which needs to be allocated throughout our entire league. This is why our prizes have been somewhat lopsided, with Ultiduo receiving a larger prize pool than Sixes.

    Right now, we’re restricted. You see, we could launch Highlander and Sixes and Ultiduo and pretty much every other format under the sun right this very minute, but we simply can’t afford to offer a fair and even prize pool for all of those formats. The more we have running, the less we can give per format and division. Oh, and don’t even get me started on divisions! TFCL will eventually have four main divisions, but we’re having a hard time determining the proper pool distribution for them, given our current size and monetary restraints.

    So, given our current restrictions, and the fact that our league needs to grow before those restrictions can be lifted… what do you guys think of us removing prizes for Highlander and Sixes, and instead only offering prizes for the alternative formats, such as Ultiduo and bball? This would only be a temporary thing, and is only really intended to last for a season or two. Right now, we need to get an active playerbase going, which requires that we actually host competitions and seasons. Removing prizes means we can do more without risk of us spreading our prize pool too thin. Because like, if we’re only given $500 to work with, that $500 needs to be allocated to everything that we’re running. Personally, I’d much rather dedicate that into a single tournament or season.

    So yeah. Are you guys cool if we don’t offer prizes for sixes and highlander for a season or two, and instead focusing our prize pools into misc tournaments, such as Ultiduo Season 3? Basically, something needs to temporarily change. We can either host one or two things at a time and offer a minimal prize for them, or we can host multiple formats at a time, and offer a larger prize to one of them, while only offering medals to the rest.
    What do you prefer?

    TLDR; TFCL needs to grow before we can secure the “big bucks”. To grow, we need to offer multiple tournaments and seasons to promote constant activity. This requires that we reduce our prize pool per tournament or season, or remove the prize pool entirely to instead focus on misc formats, like Ultiduo.
    We can either
    1. Split $500 between Ultiduo, bball, Highlander, Fours, and Sixes. Divide the pools up equally.
    2. Split $500 between Highlander and Sixes ($250 each), with no prizes for other formats.
    3. Dedicate $500 to a single format, such as Ultiduo, leaving all other formats with no prize pool.

    TFC League

    Something else I’ve been thinking about, is potentially having a community donation thing, where players can donate some money to the overall prize pool.
    Could maybe have a live tracker or something too that shows just how much money TFCL has in the bank. Like, if we contribute $500, and the community donates $300, that’s a total pool of $700.

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    I don’t play in this league because of the prize pool. I’m a steel level player, and I will play for fun. That there is a prize pool means that high level players will be super competitive (which means I will be rolled every time), and my teammates will probably flame me for being bad.

    edit: this doesn’t mean do away with prizes altogether, but I think the lower level leagues should have no prizes, to discourage sandbagging.

    (we can chat over steam if you want a more immediate reply)

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