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    My partner PKG and I were supposed to fight Aplbes last Saturday, but they were apparently busy, and bowl of mayo contacted me asking for a reschedule. The match was rescheduled for today, but as of Wednesday we were forced to forfeit by an admin. I was not informed of this, and had no intention of forfeiting whatsoever. My partner and I are and have been ready for the game, and we don’t want to get an automatic loss.

    Now, this was somewhat expected and normal, until I noticed that Bowlofmayo (the team captain of Aplbes) is trying to get out of the game, trying to say they weren’t expecting a game today, even though we’re on the time he proposed. I did some investigative work and found out that 100% of his team’s victories are from forfeits, and I’m wondering if there’s some from of fraud taking place here. I’m still interested in playing the game, and don’t want a loss because of some nonsense like this. Neither PKG or I forfeit at any point.

    Match ID: 1227

    TFC League

    Can you provide a log, or some form of proof that you were available at the proposed time, and that the opposing team was unable to play at the time specified?
    If so, I will reverse the outcome, giving you the forfeit win.

    However, I need a response before 5:00 PM on Thursday.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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