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    Once you downloaded you can edit the script to your needs an put it in your .cfg folder. I’ll show you how to edit it, set the “r_drawviewmodel” to either 1 (on) or 0 (off)

    viewmodel_fov 76

    alias num1 “slot1; bind MWHEELUP num3; bind MWHEELDOWN num2; r_drawviewmodel 1
    alias num2 “slot2; bind MWHEELUP num1; bind MWHEELDOWN num3; r_drawviewmodel 1
    alias num3 “slot3; bind MWHEELUP num2; bind MWHEELDOWN num1; r_drawviewmodel 1
    bind 1 “num1”
    bind 2 “num2”
    bind 3 “num3”

    This works if you use numkeys or scrollwheel. Enjoy.

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