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    I’m looking for a NAHL team that needs a medic!

    I have a little bit of competitive experience – 1 season of UGC HL (steel) as pyro and 1.5 seasons of RGL Prolander as medic. As of this writing I have 150 hours played as medic, 450 as pyro and can play either class but would -really- prefer medic.

    Nearly all of my hours played as medic have been as part of a combo, so I understand the importance of teamwork. I’m mature and friendly, and would love to find a team of mature players that are focused on having fun and helping each other improve (and win).

    I’m available pretty much every evening after 6pm except Thursdays, as those are currently Prolander match nights. I’m also available on weekends at any time, and I am in the EST time zone.


    Would love a HL med right now, looking for full roster
    If you are still interested add me:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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