Premier League

Standard League

Team Fortress 2 is a game with multiple competitive formats and tournament structures. This page displays some of the leagues and structure we plan to host and support. This will eventually become an information hub for all of our leagues, tournaments, competitions, and divisions.

TFCL 6v6

This is the primary form of competitive Team Fortress 2, and is where you’ll find the highest level of competition imaginable.

TFCL Highlander

While not as popular or “pro” as the 6v6 format, Highlander is by far the second most popular competitive format in all of TF2. Each team has exactly one of each class on the roster, making this the only format where all 9 TF2 classes battle it out in digital supremacy.

TFCL 4v4

This is arguably the third most popular competitive format in TF2, and TFCL is one of two leagues in North America to support it. Teams of 4 play on smaller maps for area control.


It’s basically basketball, but with rocket launchers and intelligence briefcases instead of athletes and balls. TFCL’s is the largest bball league in the world.

TFCL Ultiduo

Soldier. Medic. It’s a close quarters 2v2 battle for control. Teams usually play this as a practice format, and not as a serious league or competition.

TFCL Heavy boxing

There’s a ring, two fat Russian dudes, and a time limit of 10 minutes. To win, you need to simply punch your foe into the ground, and avoid being punched into the ground yourself. Easy, right?


Scout vs Scout, Soldier vs Soldier, Demoman vs Demoman, and Sniper vs Sniper. It’s the ultimate test of skill and pure damage output. Played on custom TFCL created maps.