League Rules

Universal Rules

  • TFCL can change, modify, or adapt all rules at any time, and will enforce them against any offending teams at our own discretion. These rules are subject to changes, and individual TFCL league officials may enforce different rules at different times, based on their own fair discretion of the game and conduct.
  • All teams, players, casters, and other entities, are required to uphold and enforce the spirit of fairness and sportsmanship. Any unsporting conduct may result in a ban from TFCL, a forfeit of any reported matches, tournaments, scrims, or other hosted services by TFCL, as well as possible team, season, or league expulsion.


  • When a new season or bracket is announced, all maps that are to be played during the active or upcoming season will be made available on the TFCL website. Maps will also be displayed from within the My Matches screen.

Playoff Format & Rules

This information is coming soon.


  • Each tournament and season bracket that TFCL hosts will have some kind of prize, usually provided by sponsors. For the alpha season, all prizes will be given to the team leader, and the team leader will be responsible for fairly distributing the prize or prizes among members of the team.
  • Depending on the tournament type or sponsor requirements, a separate page may be created to further detail the prize terms and offerings.

Game Settings

  • Rounds:
    • Control Point – 5 Rounds
    • Stopwatch – 2 Rounds
    • King of the Hill – 4 rounds


  • Overtime Rounds – 1
  • Golden Cap Rounds – 1
  • Each control point map will consist of two total halves. The first half is to be played to a total of 3 capture rounds, or until a 30 minute time limit has been reached. The second half ends if a team reaches a total of 5 captures, or if the 30 minute time limit is reached. If both teams are tied after the second half, the match will go into overtime. If teams are still tied after the overtime half has finished, a single and final golden cap will commence. The first team to capture the middle point will win the match. No ties are allowed. 
  • For stopwatch maps, such as pl_tfcl, the home team will get to choose whether or not they are to play RED (defend) or BLU (attack) first. In one round, each team will have both attacked and defended. The team with the most capture points, or the team that has the fastest time, will win the round. At the end of the first round, teams will switch sides.
  • Each king of the hill map will consist of two halves. The first half is over when one team reaches 2 total captures, otherwise known as rounds. The match is over when one team has 4 total rounds.
  • Overtime – if both teams are tied, an additional full half is to be played. The team that scores the most points, or has the best stopwatch time, during the overtime half, is considered the winner. If teams are still tied after overtime, a golden cap round begins.
  • Golden cap – the first team to capture the middle point is declared the winner. After the Golden Cap has finished, teams playing on community servers must manually exec tfcl_off to disable any active match configs, and to end the match.
  • Critical Shots are OFF
  • Cooperative Taunts are OFF
  • Picking up fallen weapons is ALLOWED

Whitelist & Class Restrictions

  • TFCL uses our own 6v6 whitelist, found here.
  • Class Restrictions:
    • 2 Scouts
    • 2 Soldiers
    • 2 Pyros
    • 1 Demoman
    • 1 Heavy
    • 1 Engineer
    • 1 Medic
    • 2 Snipers
    • 2 Spies

Eligibility & Roster Restrictions

  • You may only join and play for a single team from a single competitive format. For example, you cannot be on two separate Highlander teams.

Unrostered Players, Ringers, and Mercs

  • Teams are permitted to use up to 4 ringers in official matches. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the match being overturned.
  • All unrostered players must be confirmed before the start of the match.
  • Teams that intend to use a ringer must openly disclose who it is before the match, allowing for the other team to confirm or deny the ringer.
  • If both teams Ready Up to start the match, roster disputes are no longer valid. Anybody on the server at the time will be considered eligible to play.

Note: to file a dispute against a team for using an unrostered player, Do Not Ready Up Your Team. Instead, politely ask the offending team to remove any unrostered players from the match. If they refuse to do so, contact a league administrator. If no administrators are online or easily reachable, post to the match comms with as much detail as possible, and then leave the server. Simply put, if you do not approve of a ringer, do not play your match. If you play your match either in part or in full, you are confirming that you agree to play with the unrostered players.

Default Match Times

  • Sixes – all teams are scheduled for two matches every week, with default times being Friday and Saturday at 9:30 PM Eastern.
  • Highlander – all teams are scheduled for a single match every week, with default times being Sunday at 9:30 PM Eastern.
  • Ultiduo – all teams are scheduled for two matches every week, with default times being Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM Eastern for North America, and 8:00 PM GMT+1 for Europe.