This is the rules page that applies specifically to Ultiduo. If you’re looking for the main league rules, please click here.

This page was last modified on June 12th, 2019. 


Universal Rules

  • TFCL can change, modify, or adapt all rules at any time, and will enforce them against any offending teams at our own discretion. These rules are subject to changes, and individual TFCL league officials may enforce different rules at different times, based on their own fair discretion of the game and conduct.
  • All teams, players, casters, and other entities, are required to uphold and enforce the spirit of fairness and sportsmanship. Any unsporting conduct may result in a ban from TFCL, a forfeit of any reported matches, tournaments, scrims, or other hosted services by TFCL, as well as possible team, season, or league expulsion.
    Some examples of unsporting conduct: abusing the forfeit system, abusing the ranking system.


  • Each Ultiduo season consists of 4 weeks, and a total of 8 matches. By default, all matches are played on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM, Eastern Time. The matches can be played at any time, with team leaders being allowed to reschedule their match to their convenience.

Playoff Format & Rules

  • The Ultiduo Season Playoffs are played as a Double Elimination bracket, unless specified otherwise.
  • Team leaders must play their matches at the time assigned to them by a league administrator. Unlike the regular season, Playoff matches cannot be rescheduled. This is to ensure that we can reliably cast the playoff games.


  • TFCL provides servers for all Ultiduo matches. If none are available, or if you’d prefer to use your own self-hosted server, you’re welcome to do so. Just make sure you’re running our latest configs and maps.

Game Settings

  • All matches are to be played to 3 total match points, with each Half consisting of 2 rounds. If one team has 2 points at the end of the first half, they must then score a single point to win the match.
  • If at the end of the second half both teams have equal points, one final round will be used to decide the winner. This is a Golden Cap.
  • All servers must be properly set up and configured to use the TFCL CFG and Whitelist.
  • Golden Cap Rounds – 1
  • Critical Shots are OFF
  • Cooperative Taunts are OFF
  • Picking up fallen weapons is ALLOWED

Whitelist & Class Restrictions

  • You can view the TFCL Ultiduo whitelist here –
  • Class Restrictions:
    • 0 Scouts
    • 1 Soldiers
    • 0 Pyros
    • 0 Demoman
    • 0 Heavy
    • 0 Engineer
    • 1 Medic
    • 0 Snipers
    • 0 Spies