Ultiduo Team LFT spy --- will not let down (lft)
Region: Central North America
Team is readied up!

If you recruit me on your team as your spy you will not be let down. Why? because I'm like Forest Gump except not rich. That means I am obedient. you tell me to do something I do it. Ask me to pick the medic, The medic is dead. Ask me "Pick the heavy", I WILL SKIN HIM, WEAR HIS SKIN AND REPLACE HIM IN HIS SOCIAL ROLES BECAUSE I'M A FREAK. Say jump I say HOW HIGH, Say shit I say HOW MUCH. Ask me to fuck your wife, I already have THAT IS RIGHT even if you didnt want me to. I am sorry maybe you should have asked me "can you not fuck my wife". All in all I am well experienced in the trade of penetrating, destroying, and getting out with only mental damage which I will use as fire in the next fight (WARNING: EXTREME PTSD ATTACKS ARE COMMON). If you add me to your team I will be a valuable member, friend, brother in law, what ever you want me to be I will be... but mainly I will be your spy. -JUKEMASTER44

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