Ultiduo Team Ultimate (uTm)
Region: Europe
Team is readied up!

SynciNG : sick strats
SynciNG : Accomplishing nothing but yet so proud of it

wargasm_2000 Vladdy : i beat prem sol :D
JackyLegs : nice alt?
wargasm_2000 Vladdy : me ?
JackyLegs : no idea
JackyLegs : nice shotgun tho
JackyLegs : 100% legit ;)
wargasm_2000 Vladdy : thanks
wargasm_2000 Vladdy : i have demo
JackyLegs : sure
JackyLegs left the game (Disconnect by user.)

SynciNG : Wargasm is using aimbot
SynciNG : You gotta be blind
SynciNG : Like he is trying to hide by not using his sg too much, but he cannot fool me

Puppy21: do you hack or something? you never miss arrows with 139 ping
V!s: New cheats every day

Aoshi | : Got some ppl claiming you guys were cheating so might as well have it checked out
V!s : Jackylegs, right?
Aoshi | : not just him

Thank you for accusing us of hacking and boosting our ego
Jackylegs you are cancer

kaitech : gays

140 ping on New York servers.

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