Ultiduo FAQ

To hopefully save some time in having people search through our Ultiduo Rules, or asking an admin on Discord, we’ve created this list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding our third season of Ultiduo. Note that this FAQ is in absolutely no specific order.

Q. Are there any prizes? If so, what are they?
A. The current prize pool is $200/$40/$10, for first, second, and third place respectively. Total pool is $250.

Q. Does TFCL use a custom server config or whitelist?
A. We do, yeah. You can download our server config here, and you can view our whitelist here – http://whitelist.tf/tfcl_ultiduo

Q. Does TFCL provide servers?
A. Yes, but we have a limited number of them available, and it’s a first come, first serve deal. To request a TFCL server for your match, simply post to your match comms asking for a server. An administrator will then manually assign a server for your use, and give you connect info. If we have no servers available, we won’t reply back to your request. So keep that in mind.

Q. Can I reserve a server elsewhere?
A. Yes, of course! Currently all na.serveme.tf servers support our Ultiduo Config straight out of the box, so we highly suggest reserving your server from them.

Q. I reserved a server from GameServers.com, but the TFCL config isn’t available? What gives?
A. TFCL is not currently partnered with GameServers.com, and therefore our config files aren’t available on their network. We’ll see if we can remedy this for future seasons, but for now, the only network that supports our config is serveme.tf

Q. Will I receive a medal?
A. Yes, every single player will receive a participation medal. You can find more information on our tournament medals on the Team Fortress wiki.

Q. Which team is considered the “home team”?
A. The Home Team is always the one on the left of your match information page. When using a mobile device, it’ll be the one at the top.

Q. How many points do I play to?
A. It’s first to 3 points, with a total of 2 points per half.

Q. How long does TFCL Ultiduo Season 3 last?
A. Just like with other leagues, TFCL operates on a one match per week basis. Each main season consists of 6 weeks, equal to 6 total regular season games.

Q. What about playoffs?
A. Ultiduo Season 3 Playoffs are Double Elimination, and will consist of the top 16 teams.

Q. Does TFCL provide live team ranking?
A. Yeah, we do. You can view the ranking here – https://tfcleague.com/bracket/ultiduo-season-3/ranking/

Q. I’m from Europe, Asia, or South America. Why must I play on a North American server? My ping is going to suck!
A. TFCL Ultiduo Season 3 is a North American tournament, which is why all servers must be hosted in North America. If you’re not comfortable with playing on North American servers, you shouldn’t be playing in this tournament. Fact is, you will be at a ping disadvantage if you’re not from North America.

Q. What if the other team is also from the same region? Can we play on a local server if we’re both from EU?
A. If both teams are from Europe or another region outside of North America, you’re welcome to play your match using a server from your region. Just make sure both teams agree to this via match comms.

Q. The other team picked up one of our weapons. Is that allowed?
A. Yes, that’s perfectly fine. Weapon Pickups are legal for Season 3.

Q. I readied my team up, but we weren’t matched in Season 3? Why’s that?
A. TFCL Ultiduo Season 3 requires manual registration. So in order to join Season 3, you would have had to manually add your team to the season bracket, in addition to readying up.

Q. How are the prizes distributed?
A. PayPal.

Q. Do I need to be above a certain age to compete in TFCL?
A. You must be allowed and able to own a PayPal account to be eligible for prizes. TFCL itself has no age restrictions.

Q. When are TFCL Medals being distributed?
A. All medals for past and present seasons for all TFCL formats should be fully distributed by October.

Q. Somebody broke the rules! What do I do?
A. If the scores haven’t been reported yet, post any and all info to the match comms. If you’re unable to post to the match comms for whatever reason, contact an administrator from the TFCL Discord.

Q. Will Ultiduo be featured at the upcoming TFCL LAN?
A. Yes.