The Team Fortress 2 Competitive League, or TFCL for short, is a professional North American esport league and tournament platform.
From 2016-2019, we served the TF2 competitive community with sixes, highlander, and most notably, Ultiduo. Now, in 2022, we are formally announcing our revival. View our latest News for more information.

This website serves as the primary informational hub for TFCL.

League News

2023 Update – Another Message From Sidular

Let’s Try This Thing Again – A Message from Sidular (wall of text)

Friends & Partners


Fair Competition

There is no such thing as being too good, nor is there such as thing as being too bad. We have a division for everybody of all skill levels, and encourage fair competition for everyone of all levels. You’re not going to be penalized for being too good, or too bad, if you play in TFCL.

Paid or Free

TFCL is entirely free to play, compete, and use, for the vast majority of our players. However, if you’re looking to up your game, we also provide a pay to play league with greater prize pools and a higher level of competition. It’s up to you on which league to enter.

Prize Pools

Speaking of prize pools, we provide thousands of dollars in prizes every single season, with our lowest paid division having over $1,000. Again, that’s our lowest level. Anybody can compete for that.


We provide a truly automated league experience for everyone. Every single match, scrim, server, log, are all hosted and provided automatically by TFCL. The days of having to manually report your matches are gone!

Pick-up-Games & Lobbies

TFCL will provide an automated pick up game and lobby platform, built into the league itself! Simply open up a lobby, assign a server location, pick your class, and start playing! It’s truly that easy.

Free Servers

We operate a global network of servers – more than any other league! You’ll be able to play every match, scrim, or official TFCL hosted tournament on one of our servers, which is set up for you automatically. We configure everything for you.